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the Man With the Disk Drive Head

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The story so far:

After generations of indentured servitude at magazines such as PC World, Publish, and PC/Computing, ill-mannered editor Matt Lake came completely unglued. Fortunately, this made him an ideal candidate for life on the Web.

And so, after a further seventy years as founding editor of c|net's ghost town section Resources and former editorial site, he bagged his day job, migrated East, and became a freelance writer.

There, he fell in with two undercover writers who had spent the previous two decades perfecting the use of words as a lethal weapon. These two--Morgan Frew and Gil Bates--work secretly with Lake in nefarious ways.

Collectively, they became The Man With The Disk Drive Head. And why not?



Writing for a living brings great luxuries, such as food, Goodwill clothing, and shelter in cheap parts of the country.
The only people who will pay writers to write are rich corporations. Rich corporations eat their own young for breakfast. Freelancers qualify as no more than a snack.
Plumbers get--and deserve--more respect than freelance writers. Buy a wrench instead. If you can't mend pipes with the damn thing, it may come in handy for wielding around corporate accounts departments.