The Johnsonian Insult Generator

Eighteenth-century scholar, poet, critic, and author of the first true English dictionary, Dr Samuel Johnson is one of the most prolific presences in any dictionary of quotations. Why? He turned his massive vocabulary to great use in cutting fools down to size. Although he seldom resorted to downright name-calling, he certainly knew how to put people down.

This Johnsonian Insult Generator is based upon derogatory expressions taken from his letters and reported conversation. To generate your own Johnsonian insult, take one word or phrase from each of the following list boxes and run them together.

This I say to save you from the gallows...


...and there's an end on't.

For more information about the titanic man of letters himself, visit Jack Lynch's unparalleled Samuel Johnson pages.


Designed and executed by Matthew Lake 1997.

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