DriveHead Launches Windows 95

I was there.

It was supposed to be an exclusive event. But somehow, I blagged one of the 2,500 invitations to the Redmond, WA, launch of Windows 95. Not everything chronicled here is a factual recounting of real happenings. But when you consider what the launch was like, the least realistic events and scenes you read about here are most likely to have happened.

Now thrill to the tale of how Windows 95 was thrust upon an almost entirely prepared and suspecting public...

The Windows 95 Easter Egg

The real story of how Gates secured the rights to Start Me Up

The best party invitation

Those hotel room giveaways in full

The bizarre Windows 95 statistics presented while we waited for the Bill and Jay show.

An account of some happenings on August 24th

A list of what passed for humor on stage at the Bill and Jay show.

In the year preceding Launch 95, I wrote and rewrote and revised and rerewrote a book about Windows 95--along with my coauthor Yael Li-Ron. Our masterwork, Windows 95: Making it work for you is now available from bookstores. The book--ISBN 1-56276-288-5 to its friends--won't make us a fortune, but it's the only Windows 95 book with more than fifty references to Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.