DriveHead Launches Windows 95


During the nail-gnawing half hour between the time we were admitted to the Big Top on the Microsoft campus and the Bill and Jay Show aired, there was an air of expectancy. Overhead were screens with that trademark clouds in a blue sky. (Actually, rumor has it that Bill Gates gave God $12 million for permission to use the clouds as a Windows 95 promotional tool).

But like any air of anticipation, it wore off pretty soon. Microsoft was prepared for this, using those screens to flash up odd statistics about Windows 95...along with some video footage of the developers making "candid" comments. Here are the statistics, with a few excerpted comments...

  • Person years in development......222

  • Builds of the software......362

  • Babies born to the development team......77

    ("So you allowed conjugal visits?")

  • Bullet-wound x-rays......1

  • Beta sites......50,000

  • Complaints about catered food.....314

    ("My favorite vegetable would have to be celery, because that's what a lot of Windows 95 beta testers say that the Win 95 CDs smell like")

  • Lines of code......10 million

    ("I would say personal hygiene has suffered" Brad Silverberg)
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