DriveHead Launches Windows 95

GeekFest95(TM)--The official party invitation

Microsoft hasn't carried the 95 theme far enough!

In the spirit of oversaturation, the Developer Division brings you...GeekFest 95!!! A celebration of the fact that we're actually shipping in the calendar year '95!!!

Join us for cheap beer95, lousy pizza95, lame giveaways95, and much more95!!! We'll also have the usual stupid games, football fights and anything else that allows us to overuse 95!!!

The Microsoft Developer Division invites you to overindulge in lots of food, beer and cheesy Win95 stuff! Odd Fellows Temple - 915 East Pine St., Seattle. Wednesday, August 23rd - 9pm-until?

"95 bottles of beer on the wall ... 95 bottles of beer "

[[sure enough, attendees got a Tshirt95, ate off a Plate95, wiped pizza from their chins with Napkin95, and drank cheap beer from Cup95]]

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